The ST-400 is a versatile, full-sized stereoscopic microscope of sturdy construction, offering excellent optical performance and reliable mechanical operation. Supplied with two pairs of eyepieces (x10 & x25) and two objective pairs (x2 & x4) on a revolving turret. Four magnifications (x20, x40, x50 & x100) are available with the standard optics supplied, but more magnifications are achievable with the optional eyepieces and supplementary lenses available separately. The microscope features a dual-illumination system comprising halogen top-lighting (incident) and fluorescent substage illumination (transmitted).
Magnification Range: x20, x40, x50, x100
Magnifications of x10-x200 possible with optional accessories
Eyepieces supplied: x10 & x25 Widefield Pairs
Achromatic Objectives Supplied: x2 & x4 Pairs on revolving turret
Working Distance: 105mm
Field of View: 10mm (20x), 8mm (40x), 5mm (50x), 3mm (100x)
Incident Illumination: 6V 15W Halogen / Transmitted Illumination 230V 5W
Focusing Mechanism: Rack and Pinion
Interchangeable Glass and Black & White stage plates
Approx Weight: 4.5 kilograms / Maximum Height 390mm