Mobilux LED Hand magnifiers

The same adjusting distance, distance from eye to virtual image of 400m applies to aspherical magnnifying readers. So the image can be seen in sharp relief by using a reading glass, addition +2.5 dpt.
Maximum image quality is achieved by observing the calculated distance to the eye stated on the reading glass.
Lamp need not be changed. The LED illumination has a virtually indefinite service life.
The light colour can be adapted to suit individual requirements by using the enclosed filter.
Up to 10x longer battery life compaired with conventional illumination.
Large, easy-to-use light switch.
Easy change of batteries by seperate switch to open the battery compartment on the lower side of the housing.
When batteries are changed the upper and lower side of the housing remain connected via the hinge.
Technical Data:

Aspherical PXM lightweight lens
Lens hard coated on both sides with cera-tec
Batteries included
Batteries: 2 Mignon, 1.5v, type AA
Illumination: White LED, 52 mA