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Magnifiers linkMagnifiers link
There is a Magnifier to suit everyone here from
Hobbyist to Commercial use.
More models being added frequently.
Grab a bargainGrab a bargain
Clearance and end of lines, Ex display and used equipment here.Some are one off's and some we have quantities of.
All items are priced to clear and in many cases are less than half of RRP! we will be adding more regularly so please call back if you do not seee what you want.
SBTC News and information pages, Click here.SBTC News and information pages, Click here.
Thank you for visiting and welcome to one of the UK's best retailers of Binoculars and Telescopes.
Click on the link above to visit our information pages
News, Shipping Details,Special offers,About us, Price match policy,
Customer support, after sales and gallery pages,Web Links and frequently asked questions
Binoculars here to suit everyone.
whever you are a Birdwatcher, Astronomer,
Planespotter or Naturalist. Rambler,
Holidaymaker or need them for your job.
If you need any help in making your choice
please phone 01709 586086
Astronomical telescopesAstronomical telescopes
Here you will find all the major brands of Astronomical Telescopes including Skywatcher,Meade, Celestron,Tal,Vixen and More. If you are new to Astronomy or Buying a gift then why not take a look at our guide to choosing your Astronomical Telescope. Alternatively call us on 01709 586086
Astronomical AccessoriesAstronomical Accessories
Telescope Accessories
Eyepieces, Filters, gadgets etc...
Click here for all the accessories
you may ever want to enhance your hobby and add to your enjoyment
More new products arriving regularly
The Skywatcher Explorer 130P and the Skyhawk 1145P
Both excellent starter telescopes. We sell vast amounts of these and have fantastic feedback from customers,
some of whom have gone on to greater things and others who stick with their first scope and enjoy!
Gift Ideas Gift Ideas
Some great gift ideas from our most popular choices
For Adults and Children.Telescopes, Binoculars,Monoculars, Microscopes and more!
You can also buy Gift Vouchers here
Binocular accessoriesBinocular accessories
A range of accessories for binoculars
including straps harnesses and L brackets
for tripod mounting. Cleaning kits to take care of your Binoculars
Pocket sized hand held monoculars.
Great for walking and nature watching
Holidays and safaris.
Lots of applications in industry.
We supply to police and other
government bodies.
please phone if you need help choosing.
Spotting scopes or fieldscopesSpotting scopes or fieldscopes
Get closer to the action with a spotting scope.
Ideal for Birdwatching, Aircraft spotting,
Wildlife and nature and a host of other applications.
Please phone if you require any help in
choosing the correct model for your needs.
Tripods Hide clamps and other supportsTripods Hide clamps and other supports
Tripods from Mini and Table top models to Heavy duty Tripods.
Hide clamps for Birdwatching and Car window mounts.
Monopods and Smartphone tripods
Brass telescopesBrass telescopes
A range of reproduction antique style brass telescopes.
Ideal for that room with a view!
Quality optics combine with a highly
polished brass finish and a Mahogany effect tripod

Junior sectionJunior section
For our important little customers
Tomorrow's scientists!
Let's encourage them to explore
Our world and worlds beyond!
Please phone for advice
A range of magnifiers for all uses
and in all shapes and sizes.
For Hobbyyists, watchmakers and industry
Nature viewing and map reading
We have a large range on view in our showroom
or click here to order oline
Books Books

Buying a Telescope for a gift? Why not buy a Book to get them started!
A range of microscopes from hobby
and student,to professional use.
We supply schools and hospitals
Children's quality models from £59.00
Step into a new and fascinating world
A great and inspiring educational gift.
Zenith Microscopes Stockists
Binoculars and Monoculars for sports eventsBinoculars and Monoculars for sports events
If you
regularly attend arena sports venues
You will never again miss any action
with a pocket sized Monocular or Binoculars
Birdwatching BinocularsBirdwatching Binoculars
Here you will find our most popular models
for birdwatching with some guidance on choosing.
Please however see our main binoculars
section above for a wider listing.
Binoculars for AstronomyBinoculars for Astronomy
Our most popular binoculars for astronomy.
Please see our main binoculars section above
for a wider listing
Binoculars and scopes for aviationBinoculars and scopes for aviation
Our most popular binoculars and scopes
for aviation.
Please see our main sections on
binoculars and spotting scopes above
for a wider listing.
Binoculars for holidaysBinoculars for holidays
Our most popular binoculars chosen for
holidays and sightseeing.
Please see our main binoculars section above
for a wider listing
Walking Binoculars,Monoculars and other equipmentWalking Binoculars,Monoculars and other equipment
Here you will find a range of compact instruments
to fit the pocket.
Binoculars and monoculars chosen by us for their quality of optics and build
Binoculars for safariBinoculars for safari
Here you will find our most popular
models of the best type to take with you
on that safari. We would recommend that you choose the models with an 8x32, 8x42,10x32 or 10x42 specification.
Recommended productsRecommended products
The products in this section are a collection of our best selling Telescopes,Binoculars and Monoculars.
They are all huge sellers and ones that have won widespread acclaim for their value for money.
SBTC Highly recommends all of these products. Please see the main individual product listings for a much wider choice
Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P TelescopeSkywatcher Skyhawk 1145P Telescope
An extremely Popular starter telescope - the Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P Telescope has
won widespread acclaim in the Astronomy world. Group test Winner in BBC Sky at night review.
The Skyhawk 1145P is exceptional value for money.
Click here for more details and to buy
Skywatcher Explorer 130PSkywatcher Explorer 130P
The Skywatcher Explorer 130P Telescope is one of our most popular starter scopes and a scope that many people never upgrade from as it does enough
to keep many astronomers busy! The Explorer 130P is a scope that has become one of the most popular at its level and has won best buy in an Astronomy Now magazine review.
Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ-3Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ-3
The Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 is a fantastic scope with a great light grasp for its compact size and is great for the serious astronomer who wants to keep size and weight to a minimum.
We sell thousands of this model and have only had good reports.
The Explorer 130P EQ3-2 comes with everything you need to get started.
The Skywatcher Skymax 127 Synscan AZ GOTO Telescope is an extremely popular choice because it is very compact and lightweight. It yields great Lunar and planetary images due to it's long focal length and at lower magnifications will give good deep space images. Spend more of you valuable clear sky time looking at objects than trying to find them with the Skymax 127 Synscan telescope
Capricorn 70 EQ1 Refractor TelescopeCapricorn 70 EQ1 Refractor Telescope
The Skywatcher Capricorn 70 Refractor on an EQ1 Mount.
This is a great entry level Refractor which will delight with its images of the Moon and Planets.
A very popular choice indeed over the years.
The Skywatcher Capricorn Telescope comes with everything needed to get started.
Skywatcher Explorer 130P Supatrak Auto TelescopeSkywatcher Explorer 130P Supatrak Auto Telescope
The Skywatcher Explorer 130P Supatrak Auto Telescope is Simple to use and Compact and light weight as it does not have the heavy counterbalance weights that Equatorialy mounted telescopes have. It has powered movement and Tracking (Not Computerised)
The Explorer 130P Supatrak is a good choice for those who are concerned about portability and storage.
Skywatcher Skyhawk 114 Newtonian Reflector TelescopeSkywatcher Skyhawk 114 Newtonian Reflector Telescope
A fantastic Budget Newtonian Reflector on the EQ1 Equatorial mount. The Skyhawk 114 performs very well for it's price and is an excellent starter scope for Adults or Juniors alike. It is a manageable size and weight and a very popular choice for Xmas or Birthday Gift.
The Skyhawk 114 Telescope has got many of our regular customers at SBTC into the World of Astronomy, some of whom have upgraded since to bigger scopes.
Opticron HR WP Waterproof full sized BinocularsOpticron HR WP Waterproof full sized Binoculars
Designed for both the enthusiast and those seeking the very highest optical resolution
for their money, the HR WP successfully combines the innate qualities of both
traditional porro prism and modern roof prism formats into a single multi-purpose, user friendly, high performance field glass.
SBTC Highly recommends the Opticron HR Waterproof Binoculars.
Skywatcher Explorer 130M TelescopeSkywatcher Explorer 130M Telescope
The Skywatcher Explorer 130M is a Newtonian Reflector Telescope mounted on the EQ-2
Equatorial Mount. It has included, a Motor and handset controller which will allow tracking of Celestial objects counteracting the Earth's Rotation. This opens up other options like long time exposure Astrophotography.
An award winning Telescope and highly recommended by SBTC.
Opticron Taiga Compact BinocularsOpticron Taiga Compact Binoculars
Fantastic Compact Binoculars from Opticron with Sharp and Bright Images.
The Opticron Taiga model comes in 3 magnifications 8x, 10x and 12x
The 8x model is the brightest and gives a more steady image for Birdwatching and general use.
The 12x is more popular for Aircraft spotting.
SBTC Highly recommends the Opticron Taiga compacts.
Skywatcher Infinity 76P Childrens TelescopeSkywatcher Infinity 76P Childrens Telescope
The Skywatcher Infinity 76P Telescope is a fantastic childrens telescope and has won widespread acclaim for it's quality and innovation. Great for all the family to enjoy and extremely educational and fun to use. We feel that this is the best kids telescope on the market, especially for the price. An excellent gift for xmas or birthday.The INFINITY-76 collects 131% more starlight than the average 50mm toy telescope.
Big Zoom BinocularsBig Zoom Binoculars
The most powerful Binoculars
Very High magnification Binoculars or High power zoom Binoculars are most definately a bad idea. We strongly advise against these type of Binoculars often sold in the national newspaper and commonly through mail order and high street catalogue outlets. The optical and mechanical quality will be very poor.......
High Power TelescopesHigh Power Telescopes
High Power or High Magnification in Telescopes is largely misunderstood.
Some Telescope manufacturers and High Street Retail Outlets sell Brands of Telescopes that have very High Magnifications as most people who are starting out think that the higher the magnification the better the Telescope will be! This is totaly incorrect......
Binoculars for Horse RacingBinoculars for Horse Racing
Here you will find a selection of our best models of Binoculars for Horse Racing along with some tips on choosing the right ones to suit you.
Please call us on 01709 586086 if you need any help

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