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STM-J Zenith STM-J x10 Stereoscopic Microscope

<em>STM-J  Zenith STM-J x10 Stereoscopic Microscope </em> STM-J Zenith STM-J x10 Stereoscopic Microscope
Our replacement for the ever popular BM-51-2 model. A robust reliable easy to operate instrument of high optical quality. Its relatively low magnification, easy focusing and wide field of view makes it a useful educational tool for use in primary schools and field study centres, as well as having numerous applications in industry.
Standard Specification

Fixed Magnification x10
Paired x10 Widefield Eyepieces (Locked-on) with rubber eyecups
Achromatic Objective Pair x1
Field of view 20mm
Working Distance 60mm
Dioptric adjustment provided on left eyepiece tube
Stereo head height adjustable on column to accommodate specimens on varying sizes
Rack and Pinion focusing
Adjustable Inter-pupillary distance
Black/white reversible stage plate
With stage plate removed, the microscope can be used to examine specimens too large to put under the microscope in the conventional way by focusing through the aperture in the Base Plate
Locked on stage clips
Dust Cover
Supplied in polystyrene pack
Height 300mm
Weight 1.45kg

Price: 79.00

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