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MMS 160 Travelscope

MMS 160 Travelscope MMS 160 Travelscope
The MMS 160 image stabilised Travelscope is the latest addition to the Opticron travelscope family and offers users a unique opportunity to enjoy variable magnification close up views of flora, wildlife and other objects at distance using a hand held device.

The image stabilisation system incorporated into the MMS cancels out image-shake or tremor caused by the body when viewing at magnifications of 10x and over. The results are a stable, clear and comfortable hand held viewing experience.

Supplied as body only the MMS is compatible with a wide range of Opticron eyepieces including the SDL v2 7-21x, HDF T 7-21x and HR3 8-24x.
Please choose eyepiece from below

Price: 299.00

SDL Zoom 7-21x mag £299.00

HDF Zoom 7-21x mag £199.00

HDF 40861P 33X Mag £99.00

HR Zoom 41145P 8-24X Mag £129.00

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