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Junior P-6A Student Microscope

Junior P-6A Student Microscope Junior P-6A Student Microscope
Another purpose built student microscope, similar to model P-3A but physically larger in size and featuring both coarse and fine focusing mechanisms. Anti-tamper safety features include locked-on eyepiece and stage slips, slip-clutch on the focusing movements to prevent over-focusing and a focus-stop to prevent damage to glass microslides and objective lenses. Recommended for use up to GCSE standard.
Standard Specification

Magnification Range x40, x100, x400
Parfocal Achromatic Objectives x4 (0.10), x10 (0.25), x40R (0.65) (R=retractable)
x10 widefield eyepiece with pointer
Stage Condenser (N.A. 0.65)
Rotating 6-hole disc diaphragm
Separate smooth-action coarse & fine focusing controls
Rack & Pinion focusing
Triple Objective Turret
Plano concave mirror
Dimensions 195x120x360mm
Complete with dust cover
Supplied in polystyrene pack
Weight 2.3kg

Price: 84.99

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