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High Power Telescopes

Online Catalogue  | High Power Telescopes

High Power or High Magnification Telescopes
Many people who have just developed an interest in Astronomy and are looking at buying that first Telescope, will think that the more magnification that a telescope has the better that it will be. This is most definately not the case. Many retail outlets, especially high street shops,Catalogue companies and Auction sites sell brands of Telescopes that have high magnifications because it looks impressive in the specifications! As a specialist company we can tell you that these should be steared well away from in favour of Good Brands that stick to optimum magnifications. We will only sell telescopes that are respected makes and have realistic Magnifications that give good results. (After all we want you to remain a regular customer and come back to us when you want to add to your accessories or upgrade to bigger things!)
The general rule of thumb on magnification is that you should use an eyepiece that will give a maximum of 50x per inch of aperture eg; a telescope which has a front lens or objective lens of 2.5" will have an optimum magnification of 150x ( Some brands will boast as much as 600x for a scope this size. You will not see a single star at this magnification and the Moon will be a blurr!
Please read our guide to choosing a telescope for more information by clicking the image below.
Choosing an Astronomical TelescopeChoosing an Astronomical Telescope
Click here to get the answers to some questions about which model of Astronomical Telescope is best for You. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team ( Who are all keen Astronomers) if you need any help in making the purchase of your Telescope.
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Online Catalogue  | High Power Telescopes

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