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Choosing Your Spotting scope

Online Catalogue  | Spotting scopes or fieldscopes | Choosing Your Spotting scope

<strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Choosing the right spotting scope or fieldscope</span></strong> Choosing the right spotting scope or fieldscope
Sometimes refered to as fieldscopes or terrestrial scopes, these instruments are mainly for use on land for a
variety of uses. eg. Birdwatching and wildlife, Aircraft spotting Archery and target shooting and general scenery viewing and a host of other uses. They can be used for a spot of astronomy, but are not as suitable as a proper astronomical telescope.
Some scopes come with a built in zoom eyepiece like the Acuter range and others come as a body only and a suitable eyepiece is chosen to cater for the particular persons usage.
Most scopes are available in straight view or angled view and again it depends on personal preference as to which one most suits yourself (do Bear in mind however that once the decision has been made there is no going back so it is worth spending time weighing up the pros and cons and what you are most comfortable with.)
For most on land uses, a range of magnification between 20 and 30 times is adequate. Other things to consider are close focus and field of view along with overall weight.
A photographic type tripod or hide clamp is a must have to hold these scopes steady, unless you are one of those aircraft spotters who have aquired the knack of holding the scope steady by hand.
Please do not hesitate to call us for help with coming to a decision when we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements on 01709 586086

Online Catalogue  | Spotting scopes or fieldscopes | Choosing Your Spotting scope

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