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Online Catalogue  | Binoculars

Choosing your binocularsChoosing your binoculars
Not sure which Binoculars to buy?
Why not read our little guide to Choosing and using Binoculars.
Find out which Binoculars are best for Birdwatching, Astronomy, Aviation and other uses.
How to take good care of your Binoculars and Using them correctly.
Budget rangeBudget range
Here you will find our Budget range of selected binoculars. We have chosen these as we feel that they represent excellent value for money and the optical and build quality is very good for the price tag. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help choosing the best model of Binoculars for your use.
Opticron BinocularsOpticron Binoculars
Opticron Binoculars are always the best quality at the price level of each model. There is an Opticron Binocular to suit everyone and to suit your budget. We have been supplying Opticron Binoculars for 25 years now and can safely say that this company are at the very top of our list when it comes to back up service and warranties.Click here to view the full sized range.
Opticron CompactsOpticron Compacts
Opticron Compact Binoculars. A range of quality Compact Binoculars which are fantastic value for money and a convenient choice for the walker or holidaymaker. Neat and easy to pack away in a bag or pocket. There is a model to suit everyone's budget. Why not call in to the showroom and try out the range. Please call 01709 586086 if you need help choosing the right model.
Helios binocularsHelios binoculars
In the past, Helios was perhaps best known for the very solidly-built porro prism binoculars that they imported from Russia which had fantastic optics for their price. Modern Helios Binoculars have come a long way since those days but the philosophy of the brand is still to offer great optics that offer possibly unrivalled value for money. Today Helios produce a wide range of Binoculars from entry level to professional.
Helios compactsHelios compacts
Helios Compact Binoculars represent excellent value for money. With very good build and optical quality for the price. Handy sized Binoculars that will fit neatly in the pocket or handbag to stow away when not in use.
SBTC Highly recommends Helios Compact Binoculars. Call us on 01709 586086 if you need any help in making your choice.
Visionary BinocularsVisionary Binoculars
Visionary offer a great range of low to medium priced Binoculars all being excellent value for money.
We have been supplying Visionary Binoculars for Many Years and have had only good feedback on all models.
We also receive the very best in after sales care which in turn we can pass on to you the end user.
Call in to the showrroom to try out the different models or cal us on 01709 586086 if you need help choosing your Visionary model.
Theatre/ Opera GlassesTheatre/ Opera Glasses
These traditional Theatre/Opera glasses are compact to fit the pocket or handbag and specially designed with optimum magnification to bring the stage that bit closer whilst retaining as full a field of view as possible.
Available in a range of attractive styles they are the perfect gift for the Theatre enthusiast.
Here you will find a selection of very popular Marine Binoculars. Models from Helios, Opticron,Olivon.
Designed for the rough and wet use on Boats and ships they are waterproof and rugged, most with Nitrogen gas purging. Some with a built in Compass for navigation.
Binocular accessoriesBinocular accessories
Here You will find a range of Binocular Accessories like tripod attachments, Rainguards,Straps and Harnesses.
Get the most out of your Binoculars or enhance your enjoyment by adding a more comfortable strap.
Look after them by using a Binocular cleaning kit.

Online Catalogue  | Binoculars

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