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Big Zoom Binoculars

Online Catalogue  | Big Zoom Binoculars

Big Zoom Binoculars Big Zoom Binoculars
The most powerful Binoculars
Very High magnification Binoculars or High power zoom Binoculars are most definately a bad idea. We strongly advise against these type of Binoculars often sold in the national newspaper and commonly through mail order and high street catalogue outlets. The optical and mechanical quality will be very poor and unreliable and some of these are quite expensive too! Without mentioning shops or brand names, you will see these on web searches.

We would certainly never sell such Binoculars and do not recommend them. We value our reputation too much and pride ourselves on giving the best possible service, both before and after a sale!

Please refer to our Choosing your Binoculars section for help or contact us for any advice you need before making a purchase. See also our section on Observation Binoculars for higher power good quality Binoculars (Some will need tripod mounting)

The aircraft spotting fraternity are a law unto their own sometimes and somehow manage to look at high flying aircraft and see detail and hold the binoculars steady enough to use reasonably well. It does however help a great deal if you choose a model that retains a good field of view. We have some recommended optics and popular choices for the Aviation enthusiast. (See Below)

Choosing BinocularsChoosing Binoculars
Not sure which Binoculars to buy?
Why not read our little guide to Choosing and using Binoculars.
Find out which Binoculars are best for Birdwatching, Astronomy, Aviation and other uses.
How to take good care of your Binoculars and Using them correctly.
Larger Observation BinocularsLarger Observation Binoculars
Larger Binoculars here mostly designed for tripod mounting but some can be hand held for short periods. Ideal for a variety of uses including Astronomy, Shipping, Aviation Commercial use or simply that room with a view!Please call us on 01709 586086 if you need any help before making your purchase.
Aviation SectionAviation Section
Our most popular binoculars and scopes
for aviation.
Please see our main sections on
binoculars and spotting scopes
for a wider listing.
<strong><span style='color: #0000ff;'>What are the downfalls of Zoom Binoculars?</span></strong> Many of us have zoom lenses on our digital cameras, and they work to good effect! The zoom mechanics of Binoculars however are mechanical and prone to excess movement The main problem with using zoom lenses in binoculars is due to the fact that a binocular is two independent sets of optical systems joined together. Zoom binoculars must somehow maintain synchronization of the zoom mechanism (which consists of moving lenses with each eyepiece), between both sides of the optics tubes. This is accomplished by the use of a flexible metal or plastic band that passes through the ocularBridge arms, connecting the zoom mechanism on the right side, to the zoom mechanism on the left side. Each moving part of the system has a certain amount of backlash that is unavoidable. Because there are a number of parts of the zoom mechanism, each adding a small amount of movement to the systems, it is impossible to maintain perfect synchronization. Each of the two telescopes will always have some descrepancy in relation to each other, depending on which direction the zoom lever is moving. The result is two telescopes that are never exactly at the same magnification. This will also affect the collimation of the instrument especially at higher magnifications when collimation is more critical. This will give an image similar to that shown.
Many Manufacturers and the outlets that sell High power zoom binoculars will advertise them on the basis that the higher the magnification, the better they will sell!
This is pulling the wool over peoples eyes as most people who decide that they want a pair of Binoculars will nearly always think that biggest is best. We know that this is not true. and that in reallity, the results will be awfull! If we sold them when we set out in business 25 years ago we would have long gone out of business as our reputation would be severely damaged.
Main Binoculars section | All the best models of BinocularsMain Binoculars section | All the best models of Binoculars
Click here to visit the main Binoculars section for a large range of the best models

Online Catalogue  | Big Zoom Binoculars

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