Magnify it from SBTC is your one stop online store for

all your magnification needs,

There are millions of different uses for magnifiers and a simple magnifier can be the solution to a big problem,

Have you ever struggled to read small print on food tins at the supermarket for example.

Wiith over 30 years selling optics we choose the best products at the right price. there is a product for everyone and everyone at some time will need to use 

magnification to see a particular subject better or closer, weather you are an individual or a school, a small business or a government agency, We can offer a local visiting service to housebound persons to try out magnifiers which may help to gain a better quality of life. there is no obligation to buy a product, Areas covered are Rotherham and Doncaster but for a small fee can include a further area, Call Tony on 07815437220 for more information.