Get close and Magnify it!

SBTC have been supplying magnifiers and other optical instruments to the public and to industry for well over 30 years now and we have a product for most uses..

A Magnifier or low vision aid can be a life changing and enhancing revelation. whether it is for a hobby or profession or for reading small print.

At SBTC we are keen to help you see it better.

from looking at microscopic bugs to checking for imperfections in materials, from reading a book to checking for forgery in official documents. We sell everything from a simple magnifier lens through to microscopes, Monoculars, Binoculars and Telescopes.

Necklace Magnifier


Classic G Magnifiers. Glass lens 50mm 3.5x mag


Large 138mm Magnifier with 10 bright LED lights


Flexi Arm Clamp on Magnifier