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SBTC Your number one online store for all your optics needs.
Here you will find Binoculars from Helios, Visionary, Optical Hardware,Opticron, Celestron and more. Fantastic selection of astronomical Telescopes from Skywatcher and Celestron.
Spotting Scopes from Opticron, Celestron and Acuter.
Monoculars for a multitude of uses, Microscopes and much more
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All items are priced to clear and in many caases are less than
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Magnifiers Magnifiers
There is a Magnifier to suit everyone here from
Hobbyist to Commercial use.
More models being added frequently.
Call us if you want to discuss your needs
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Welcome to the SBTC Online store

SBTC Binoculars & Telescopes
Telescopes and Binoculars from one of the UK'S longest established retailers.

We will always do our best to price match and our after sales service you will find is the best.
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Thank you for visiting and welcome to one of the UK's best retailers of Binoculars and Telescopes.
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Astronomical AccessoriesTelescope Accessories
Click here for a wide range of Accessories for your Astronomical Telescope. With Eyepieces,Filters,Finderscopes,Focusers,Astrophotography Adaptors,Mounts,Motor drives,Computer controllers and much much more.
Olivon Eyepiece and Accessory Kit Special Offer Save £60.00 off RRP on this special offer Olivon Eyepiece and accessory Kit.
A perfect gift for the Astronomer. Normally £159.99 You can buy this while stocks last at only £99.99
Click here for all the details.
2 Fantastic strater Telescopes from Skywatcher 2 Fantastic starter Telescopes from Skywatcher. The Skyhawk 1145P and the Explorer 130P. These Telescopes have won widespread acclaim throughout the Astronomy World and have won Telescope reviews in Magazines. We at SBTC have sold hundred of these and have had nothing but good feedback. The Skyhawk 1145P is the smaller of the 2 and more compact and lightweight. The Explorer 130P has extra light grasp and so shows up more fainter objects. Ideal for that gift for the astronomer just starting out.Please call us on 01709 586086 if you need any help.
Link to us If you have a site that is related to Astronomy or Wildlife and Nature or you are a Club or Society, why not consider exchanging links. This will be of great benefits to both sites.Visit our Links page Here
Junior Section Children are our future scientists and Astronomers. It is great to encourage those who find these subjects interesting at school and an inexpensive Telescope or Binoculars is a fantastic gift idea and we feel, much better than a computer game! Telescopes for Kids start from just £39.99 and Binoculars around £25.00 will get a good pair for Birdwatching or Astronomy.
Junior Microscopes start from around £40.00 with some excellent models like the SCM200 at £59.00. A fascinating world of discovery can be opened up which will encourage interests that will inspire our Children and give them a better understanding of our world and in many cases progress to a career or lifelong hobby.
Find some useful and cool Kids links at the foot of this Junior section.
BINOCULARS BY BRAND Click on the link to view the different brands of Binoculars.
Brands such as Opticron,Helios,Visionary,Olivon,Bushnell,
Barr and Stroud, Celestron,RSPB,Viking Optical and Hawk.
We have Marine Binoculars, Observation Binoculars and
Theatre Glasses. Here you will find a model to suit everyone.
SPOTTING SCOPES OR FIELDSCOPES Click here for Brands of Fieldscopes or Spotting Scopes.
From inexpensive hand held draw tube spotter scopes up to the best quality ED Glass
Fieldscopes. There are Spotting Scopes suitable for a huge range of uses including Birdwatching, Aviation, Commercial, Archery and Target Shooting, Holidays and Safari.
Models from Opticron,Visionary,Olivon, Celestron,Yukon,Acuter and more.

Facebook Why not Join us on Facebook and add your Photographs whever Astronomical or Nature and wildlife related. Add your stories or comments and keep up to date with special events and news.
Telescopes, Binoculars, Monoculars, Microscopes,click here to enter our online shop.Telescopes, Binoculars, Monoculars, Microscopes,click here to enter our online shop.

Welcome to the SBTC Online Catalogue

One of the UK's premier supplier of optical equipment in the North of England.
As our customer, you are our priority. We are more than happy to spend time providing advice on Telescopes Binoculars,Microscopes and optical accessories - even if you know exactly what you're looking for. After all our combined experience amounts to over 40years.
All Telescopes,Binoculars,Microscopes are tried and tested by ourselves or customers, such as those from local astronomical societies. Additionally, we only stock products that we genuinely believe are of the highest in quality. By doing this we can ensure the continued excellence and value of our optical product ranges.

We are very keen to point out that we are not 'Internet only' box shifters or a warehouse supplier. We do more than just sell Telescopes,Binoculars, Microscopes and optical accessories, we offer an all round service - from the minute you contact us, until you take delivery of your equipment and then we are always at the other end of the phone if you need any after sales help.
As a Skywatcher agent we highly reccomend the range and all models in the Skywatcher Range offer exceptional quality and value for money. Binoculars and spotting 'scopes are supplied by Opticron, Helios, Optical Hardware, Visionary, Olivon and Acuter.
We stock a large range of Binoculars for Many uses including Birdwatching and models from
Opticron,Helios,Optical Hardware,Olivon,Visionary and others.
We also supply Binoculars, Telescopes,Monoculars,Microscopes Magnifiers to many Government agencies and Police forces around the country.
We sell to Schools and Nature parks and can usually offer a discount for these.
e are constantly checking our competitors prices so you can purchase from !SBTC with complete peace-of-mind. Should you find any genuine lower price advertised elsewhere, please let us know and we will always endeavour to match or better the price.
For your reassurance our online shopping cart is integrated with Paypal and Sellerdeck Payments. Your personal details are not seen or stored by us.
We do not have access to your credit card details at any time as these are handled by
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RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS Please take a look at some very popular products below or browse the different sections on the SBTC Website. Skywatcher Telescopes have become one of the leading brands in the World, offering the very best in value for money and quality.
We have been selling Telescopes and Binoculars now for 25 Years and can safely say that a lot of the products that we sell are better in quality and less in price due to mass production.
Great news for You the end user to know that you are getting the best equipment at your budget.
Skyhawk 1145P Telescope The Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P is a 114mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope, Mounted on an EQ1 Equatorial Mount. This telescope is a fantastic Beginners telescope and as a first telescope, represents the best in value for money and affordability. Packed with Features that will enable the user to quickly get in to the fascinating world of Astronomy.
Having won widespread acclaim by virtue of its many awards, this is a gem of a telescope and has got many of our regular customers well hooked!
Explorer 130P Telescope The Skywatcher Explorer 130P is a Newtonian Reflector Telescope and is mounted on the EQ2 Equatorial Mount.The Parabolic mirror gives great full contrast sharp images and is an exceptionally good telescope to get started in Astronomy. There is plenty of room to grow with this scope and many people who started off with this telescope stick with it for a long time before even considering upgrading. The 130P has won awards for best buy in astronomy magazines and SBTC Highly recommends this as a starter telescope.
Explorer 150P Telescope The Skywatcher Explorer 150P is a 6" Newtonian reflector telescope with a Parabolic mirror giving excellent optical performance with around 600x more plus light grasp when compared to the naked eye! This telescope is highly recommended by SBTC as a starter to intermediate model. If you want to buy a first telescope and are worried that buying under 150mm will be too small for you then this is a great buy and will keep your interest going for many years. Mounted on the impressive E3-2 Equatorial Mount. This is a great scope if you want to get in to astrophotography or just want to observe. Motor drives can be added if required.
SKYMAX-127 SYNSCAN™ AZ GOTO TELESCOPE The Skywatcher Skymax 127 Synscan AZ GOTO Telescope is a very popular choice because it is very compact and lightweight. It yields great Lunar and planetary images due to it's long focal length and at lower magnifications will give good deep space images. Spend more of you valuable clear sky time looking at objects than trying to find them with the Skymax 127 Synscan telescope. The ideal grab and go telescope which packs a punch!
Highly recommended by all at SBTC and we have sold many hundreds of these and had great feedback.
Skywatcher Capricorn 70 EQ1 Refractor Telescope The Skywatcher Capricorn 70 is a 70mm Refractor mounted on the EQ1 Mount.
This is a great entry level Refractor which will delight with its images of the Moon and Planets.
A very popular choice indeed over the years especially since it got great press in the Mail on Sunday Newspaper 2 years ago and we could not get enough of them!
The Skywatcher Capricorn Telescope comes with everything needed to get started.
Highly recommended by SBTC especially as a first telescope or for the younger astronomer.
EXPLORER 200 EQ5 TELESCOPE The Skywatcher Explorer 200 EQ5 is a Newtonian Reflector telescope Mounted on the heavy duty EQ5 Equatorial mount. It is a fantastic scope and has had the addition of many refinements over the last few years which make it even more attractive.
With a great light light grasp it is for most people manageable in size but not a lightweight, being a solidly built Telescope
The Explorer 200 EQ5 will appeal to those who are serious about Astronomy.
If you want the advantage of superb light grasp and buy a model that chances are you will never need to upgrade then this is the model for you.
EXPLORER-130P SupaTrak TM AUTO 130mm (5.1”) f/650 MOTORISED PARABOLIC REFLECTOR AUTO-TRACKING TELESCOPE The Skywatcher Explorer 130P Supatrak Auto Telescope is Simple to use and Compact and light weight as it does not have the heavy counterbalance weights that Equatorialy mounted !!telescopes have. It has powered movement and Tracking (Not Computerised)
The Explorer 130P Supatrak is a good choice for those who are concerned about portability and storage.
Highly recommended by SBTC as a beginners to intermediate telescope. Perfect for a Gift for the Astronomer
Skyhawk 114 Telescope A fantastic Budget Newtonian Reflector on the EQ1 Equatorial mount. The Skyhawk 114!! performs very well for it's price and is an excellent starter scope for Adults or Juniors alike. It is a manageable size and weight and a very popular choice for Xmas or Birthday Gift.
The Skyhawk 114Telescope has got many of our regular customers at SBTC into the World of Astronomy, some of whom have upgraded since to bigger scopes!
Well featured and comes with everything you need to get started with little assembly out of the box.
Opticron HR Waterproof Binoculars Designed for both the enthusiast and those seeking the very highest optical resolution
for their money, the HR WP successfully combines the innate qualities of both
traditional porro prism and modern roof prism formats into a single multi-purpose, user friendly, high performance field glass.
With superb ergonomics and Rubber covering that really feels comfortable to hold.
SBTC Highly recommends the Opticron HR Waterproof Binoculars.
Skywatcher Explorer 130M Telescope The Skywatcher Explorer 130M is a Newtonian Reflector Telescope mounted on the EQ-2
Equatorial Mount It has include a Motor and handset controller which will allow tracking of Celestial objects counteracting the Earth's Rotation. This opens up other options like long time exposure Astrophotography.
An award winning Telescope and highly recommended by SBTC.
The Explorer 130M Comes with everything you need to get started in the world of Astronomy.
Opticron Taiga Compact Binoculars Fantastic Compact Binoculars from Opticron with Sharp and Bright Images.
The Opticron Taiga model comes in 3 magnifications 8x, 10x and 12x
The 8x model is the brightest and gives a more steady image for Birdwatching!! and general use.
The 12x is more popular for Aircraft spotting.
SBTC Highly recommends the Opticron Taiga compacts.
Infinity 76p Telescope The Skywatcher Infinity 76P Telescope is a fantastic childrens telescope and has won widespread acclaim for it's quality and innovation. Great for all the family to enjoy and extremely educational and fun to use. We feel that this is the best kids telescope on the market, especially for the price. An excellent gift for xmas or birthday.The INFINITY-76 collects 131% more starlight than the average 50mm toy telescope, bringing hundreds more objects into view.
Included in The independant Ten Best Telecopes feature, chosen by Robin Scagell, Vice President of The Society for Popular Astronomy.
Big Zoom Binoculars The most powerful Binoculars
Very High magnification Binoculars or High power zoom Binoculars are most definately a bad idea. We strongly advise against these type of Binoculars often sold in the national newspaper and commonly through mail order and high street catalogue outlets. The optical and mechanical quality will be very poor and unreliable and some of these are quite expensive too! Without mentioning shops or brand names, you will see these on web searches.
We would certainly never sell such Binoculars and do not recommend them. Click on image to Read More...
High Power Telescopes High Power or High Magnification in Telescopes is largely misunderstood.
Some Telescope manufacturers and High Street Retail Outlets sell Brands of Telescopes that have very High Magnifications as most people who are starting out think that the higher the magnification the better the Telescope will be! This is totaly incorrect and there are simple laws of physics that should be adhered to to get good results. Sadly many people buy these without first getting advice from a specialist like us and are dissapointed with the results Please click on the image read our guide.
Horse Racing Binoculars Click here to see a range of recommended Binoculars for Horse Racing with some tips on choosing the best ones for you.


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