ES v3 Fieldscopes , ES 80 GA ED/45,
ES v3 Fieldscopes , ES 80 GA ED/45,
Main features include a tri-element high definition objective lens (SD or ED) with Opticron F-type multi-coating that visibly increases both colour contrast and clarity over standard multi-coatings, magnesium, aluminium and polycarbonate body protected in textured rubber armour plus nitrogen waterproofing to eliminate condensation.
Weight is kept to a minimum and the 'scopes are well balanced for effective use on a tripod. Other features include a retractable lens hood, integrated rubber objective lens cover, conveniently positioned wide band focusing wheel and rotating tripod sleeve to enable maximum versatility in hides or viewing from a sitting or prone position.

Fully compatible with SDL, HDF and HR eyepieces the models offer an exciting array of viewing options of 20x to 100x (80mm) and 30x to 134x (100). For even greater magnification a 2.5x Tele-adapter is available for SDL, HDF and HR eyepieces.

ES models can be converted for use with SLR cameras for telephotography and are supplied complete with a 30 year guarantee.

ES 80 GA SD/45
The suffix SD for standard belies the quality of this tri-element F500 viewing platform. Utilising Opticron F-type high refractive index multi-coating complete with BK 7 prisms the ES 80 GA SD/45 demands serious consideration for anybody interested in an 80mm fieldscope. Image texture is slightly softer than sister ED model but the instrument deals competently with a range of interspersed colours in varying light conditions up to 60x magnification, combined with accurate focusing and a welcome lack of colour distortion.

ES 80 GA ED/45
The latest optical upgrades, superior RI F-type multi-coating system and ED objective lens that virtually eliminates the distorting effects of chromatic aberration over 35x magnification all combine to further enhance the performance of this our most popular 80mm model. Images are vibrant and ‘true to life’ and what’s more - reproduced consistently across the magnification range.

ES 100 GA ED/45
The advantages of a 100mm diameter objective lens become clear when viewing at magnifications over 50x. With a surface area 1.5x that of an 80mm OG fieldscope, the ES 100 is easily able to out perform similarly specified 80mm (ED and Fluorite models) delivering brighter images with a higher resolving power. For terrestrial use, better definition and higher colour contrast mean more accurate and more enjoyable long range viewing. Preferred eyepieces include the HDF 42xWW, 27-80x and SDL 27-80x. For Astronomy the ES 100's versatility as a compact F650mm 4" refractor with erected image viewing should also be considered. Magnification options for this application include HDF 6mm and 5mm long eyerelief eyepieces delivering 107x and 134x respectively.