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Walking Binoculars,Monoculars and other equipment

Online Catalogue  | Walking Binoculars,Monoculars and other equipment

Walking Equipment
Walking Equipment
When choosing your Binoculars or Monocular for walking please bear in mind that you may be carrying them all day even when not in use. Keep the size and weight down and they will be more pleasurable to use and to carry around. A good 8x32 or 8x42 will give great images but if you wish to keep weight down to an absolute minimum then a Compact model of either 8x25 or 10x25 will be fine. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01709 586086 if you need any assistance before making your purchase.

Opticron Waterproof monoculars Opticron Waterproof monoculars
8x30 · 8x32 LE
Fully multi-coated compact models offering nitrogen gas filled waterproof construction and thick rubber covering with finger grooves for easy one hand operation.
Excellent all-purpose 'take-anywhere' field glasses.
Model 8x30 finished in dark green.
Model 8x32 features a long eyerelief for spectacle wearers
eyepiece giving full field of view with glasses. Finished in black.
Both models supplied in soft pouch with strap
and caps. 10 year guarantee

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8x30 monocular 99.00

8x32 monocular 119.00

5x30 monocular £99.00

Opticron Gallery scope Roof Prism- 8x20 Opticron Gallery scope Roof Prism- 8x20
Named with the art critic in mind the 8x20 Gallery
scope is an excellent tool for macro study of
wildlife and butterfly's as well as a quality 8x field monocular
that fits easily into a shirt pocket.

With close focus to just 26cm the instrument has
the option of conversion to a 24x microscope
using either the 30265 Microstand or 30259
Microstand with LED illuminator.

Other features include:
• Quality Japanese-made, fully coated roof prism
optical system
• Fold down rubber eyecup
• Anodised black finish
• 30 year guarantee

Model supplied with soft case, strap and caps

Price: 89.00

Add microstand with illuminator 39.00

Visionary M Series waterproof monoculars Visionary M Series waterproof monoculars
Very high quality monoculars, BAK 4 prisms, multicoated lenses and full waterproofing.
Includes twist eyecup, case, Mini tripod
and 10 year guarantee.
Choose from below


Visionary M-10 10x50 £59.99

Visionary M-12 12x50 £64.99

Visionary M-15 15X50 £69.99

Visionary M-20 20X50 £74.99

10-30x50 zoom £89.99

Visionary Close Focus Monocular with 7-21x zoom Visionary Close Focus Monocular with 7-21x zoom
A neat pocket sized monocular with a close
focus to around 0.5m ideal for butterflies
insects and other close up work.
This handy monocular also features a zoom
lens from 7-21x making it ideal for long range
viewing and aircraft spotting.
Tripod thread incorporated and has a
wrist strap and belt case.
Great for butterfly's and pond life
SBTC Highly recommended

Price: 39.99


Helios Nitrosport waterproof monocular Helios Nitrosport waterproof monocular
This high quality waterproof monocular is handy to have with you, whatever the weather. Extremely comfortable to hold, it has been designed to fit snugly into the palm of your hand. Supplied with wrist strap and case. Colour/Material: Black rubber.

Choose from below

Price: 29.99

Choose size

Visionary DX  Compact binoculars Visionary DX Compact binoculars
A budget range of pocket sized binoculars
Choose fron below More...

8x21 £12.99

10x25 £14.99

12x25 £18.99

Visionary CX porro prism compacts Visionary CX porro prism compacts
Choose from

8x21 £22.99

10x25 £26.99

Zoom 10-30x25 £59.99

Mini Zoom 6-18x18 £39.99

 Opticron VEGA Porro Prism compacts 8x25, 10x25, 12x25 Opticron VEGA Porro Prism compacts 8x25, 10x25, 12x25
The new compact Vega is an excellent choice for those people looking for an affordable rubber armoured compact binocular with long eyerelief for spectacles.
Great for all general applications they feature fully multicoated lenses, good close focus and twist-type large diameter rubber eyecups for viewing comfort.

Available in 8x 10x and 12x magnification for those seeking the highest practical magnification from a 25mm objective,
complete in soft case
with lanyard and
lens caps.
5 year guarantee.

Choose from sizes below

8X Magnification £55.00

10x Magnification £59.00

12x Magnification £65.00

TRAILFINDER 3 Roof Prism 8x25, 10x25  TRAILFINDER 3 Roof Prism 8x25, 10x25
Rugged, purpose-built pocket binoculars available in either 8x or 10x magnification, the Trailfinder II series deliver quality and value for money to people interested in owning and using a binocular while out enjoying the countryside.

Designed for walkers and hikers alike, these compact roof prism instruments feature a single-hinge body construction and high-contact rubber covered focus wheel that combine to provide for easy one hand operation with or without gloves.

The lightweight bodies are nitrogen gas waterproof to prevent water penetration and misting on the internal surfaces and are covered in a textured rubber armour to aid grip in the hand and protect against knocks and bumps during use or while packed in a rucksack.

Choose from below More...

8X25 Black £66.00

10X25 Black £72.00

8x25 Green £66.00

10x25 Green £72.00

ASPHERIC LE Roof Prism  8x25 ASPHERIC LE Roof Prism 8x25

Price: 125.00

ASPHERIC LE Roof Prism  10x25  ASPHERIC LE Roof Prism 10x25

LE uses the latest Aspheric lens
technology combined with features often
found on more expensive pocket
binoculars such as long eyerelief
eyepieces for spectacle wearers',
twist-type eyecup assembly & PC Phase corrected coatings for maximum clarity.

Other features of the Aspheric LE include:

• Silver coated roof prisms to maximise
light transmission through the prism
• Fully rubber armoured
• Integral lanyard
• Close focus to around 2 metres
• 10 year guarantee

Aspheric LE Compact Binoculars are
supplied complete in soft case with
lanyard and lens caps.

Price: 129.00

HR WP Porro Prism HR WP Porro Prism
8x26 · 10x26
HR WP binoculars are designed and engineered to provide class beating standards of optical clarity and viewing comfort.
The single hinge porro prism body allows for easy one hand operation and provides the necessary space to fit the 5 element long eyerelief eyepieces, large prisms and 26 mm dia. objective lenses.

Choose from below

8x26 £105.00

10x26 £115.00

DBA OASIS Roof Prism  8x21 DBA OASIS Roof Prism 8x21
Setting a new standard for affordable high quality pocket binoculars, each DBA compact provides the discerning enthusiast with an unrivalled combination of optical specification and user orientated features.

Offering the highest overall performance of any Opticron compact, principle design criteria centres on the creation of a range of instruments that, for their individual specifications are capable of providing a truly high quality versatile viewing experience in a pocket size form.

The result is our best compact range to date with features and specifications that include:
• Compact roof prism design. Model 8x21 folds up to just 105mm x 68mm
• the successful combination of a wide field of view with long eyerelief. Model 8x21 delivers a class winning 7.5° FOV combined with an eyerelief of 19mm allowing comfortable full field vision with or without spectacles
• Nitrogen gas waterproof construction to a depth of 3m
• The latest roof prism technology including PC phase correction, OASIS® prism coating, and full Opticron N -Type multi-coating
• 19mm diameter eye lenses to maximise viewing comfort
• Fully rubber armoured body (including focus wheel) with ergonomic ribbed design to deliver a positive feel with or without gloves
• 4 stage twist type retractable eyecups to provide maximum control in the optimum positioning of the eye with respect to the eye lens

Price: 295.00

DBA OASIS Roof Prism 10x25       DBA OASIS Roof Prism 10x25

Price: 304.00

T3 Trailfinder Roof Prism Binoculars 8x32 Green T3 Trailfinder Roof Prism Binoculars 8x32 Green
The Opticron T3 Trailfinder’s clever combination of wide-angle optics and fast focus system fitted into a compact body clothed in textured rubber armour help to create both a comfortable and easy to use range of binoculars equally suited to general wildlife observation as well as more specialist pursuits such as stalking, field archery or birdwatching.

Recommend by the David Lindo the 'Urban Birder' for their quality and value for money for first-time birders features of the T3 Trailfinder include;

Price: 125.00

Opticron Discovery WP PC Binoculars   Opticron Discovery WP PC Binoculars
Roof Prism Rubber waterproof

An innovative Nitrogen waterproof construction compact design just 123mm high - the size of many 32mm OG roof prism binoculars, the Discovery WP PCprovides the value conscious user with a feature packed, stylish, user friendly field glass.Fully coated optics, long eyerelief for spectacle wearers, twist type eyecup assembly. 5 year grantee.

Nitrogen waterproof construction
Lightweight magnesium (MAG) bodies (8x42, 10x42 & 8x50)
Super lightweight plastic body (8x32)
Fully coated optics with PC phase corrected prisms
Long eyerelief for spectacle wearers with twist type eyecups
Click stop right dioptre adjustment
Close focus to under 2m
5 year guarantee
complete with soft case with rainguard, wide nylon lanyard and objective lens caps.
View specs

See Video

8x32 £164.00

8x42 174.00

10x42 184.00

8x50 £194.00

10x50 £194.00

Marching Compass Marching Compass
Metal Body with clip, magnifier and sight
Damped mechanism

Price: 8.99

Refereees type whistle Refereees type whistle
Handy for the outdoors for getting attention if you should be in any sort of trouble.

Price: 2.99

Online Catalogue  | Walking Binoculars,Monoculars and other equipment

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