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Olivon Standard Camera Adapter Olivon Standard Camera Adapter
The Olivon standard camera adaptor is a multipurpose digiscoping and standard photo converter. It can be used via a T2 mount to couple to any standard or digital SLR or via filter adaptors direct to the filter thread of digital compact cameras. This ingenious adaptor puts Olivon at the forefront of digiscoping.

Price: 49.99

Olivon Universal digital Camera Adapter    (UDCA) Olivon Universal digital Camera Adapter (UDCA)
The new Universal Digital Camera Adapter from Olivon slides over your spotting scope eyepiece and is secured by a locking screw. Attach your digital compact camera via the tripod socket, it then takes a few minutes to alter the horizontal, vertical and depth settings to suit your digital camera model so that it is alinged with your spotting scope eyepiece and you're ready to digisope.
Fits Olivon T80/T90 scopes only- Please ask about adaptors for other scopes

Price: 79.99

Opticron Universal Digital Camera Bracket Opticron Universal Digital Camera Bracket
The Universal Digital Camera Adapter is designed to allow you take high magnification photographs using Opticron telescopes and eyepieces in conjunction with most digital compact cameras and some digital camcorders using eyepiece projection.

Many digital compact cameras do not have screw threads on the lens assemblies to
allow for direct coupling, so the UDCA is designed as a three-way adjustable balance plate that fixes directly to the telescope eyepiece.

The camera is fixed onto the UDCA and can be adjusted in three planes to enable correct positioning with respect to the eyepiece.
The vertical position of the balance plate
can be fixed in order to swing the camera + balance plate in and out of position. This feature allows you to alternate between taking pictures and viewing through the eyepiece in the normal way.

Price: 98.00

Visionary adaptor L Visionary adaptor L
The Visionary Adapter L is a fully universal digiscoping adapter. This means it will work with pretty much all digital cameras and spotting scopes and offers massive amounts of adjustability.
The L adapter is strong and sturdy. The adapter has a standard tripod fitting to attach to your tripod head. The scope then attaches to the adapter (see opposite). The whole set-up feels very stable once connected.
The adapter works with both straight and angled spotting scopes.

One huge bonus to this design of adapter is that you can rotate your camera away from the eyepiece without having to dismantle or remove equipment (see above right diagram). You can simply swing the camera in and out of position to alternate between viewing and photography.

Price: 59.00

T mounts for SLR photography T mounts for SLR photography
T mounts are used to connect individual SLR camera bodies to Telephotoadapters/Photoadapters.

Choose model from below

Olympus Four thirds for DSLR £18.50

Micro Four Thirds- Panasonic etc £22.00

Olympus 14.00

Pentax 42mm 11.00

Pentax K 12.50

Minolta (man) 11.50

Minolta (af)/Sony Alpha 14.00

Canon (man) 15.00

Canon (eos) 18.00

Nikon 11.50

Digiscope diary Digiscope diary
Fantastic site dedicated to Digiscoping and a
great source of information and ideas for those wanting to get in to
the very rewarding aspect of digiscoping.
Highly recommended viewing!

Click here

Digiscope video taken with inexpensive Scope with Compact Camera
Digiscope video taken with inexpensive Scope with Compact Camera

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